Hands down I find hats one of the most difficult items to wear on our fair grid. Why? Well because of hair, of course. I wish that when the hat maker boxed up the hat they would say “Oh and by the way, I wore this hair when I made it and it fits perfectly with the hat!” Or better yet, make one with hair. This of course does not decrease my love of hats and I find I have collected alot of them. For the most part I slap them on my head and if hair is sticking out all over, c’est la vie. I’m sure it happens to us all from time to time, no? This hat is like winter meets the Flying Nun and it is giant flapped wing perfection and hides the most of my bad hair, brilliance!

The rest of the outfit is a tribute to all things nordic and green. I love green, it reminds me of spring and summer. These pants have a great dual color to them and the name overdyed is ever so fitting. I went with a sweater from last year that I am fairly certain I never wore, I’m ridiculous with my shopping habits, I know. And while hunting out hidden shoes in my inventory I came across these absolutely adorable suede boots that I have no idea where came from. GC is apparently the name of the creator and at one time he may have had a shop. Nothing in his profile about a shop and I wasn’t sure about the Japanese on his profile. In other words, I hope you got them when they hit the feeds cause I am not at all savvy about hunting up amazing freebies so I know I didn’t come by these myself. Snowball fight in progress…I must be off!


fri.day Quinn – Thoughtful Brown
DUBOO*Choucream glasses [2] (50L Friday)
Skin Flicks Mary Ann Snowflake Sweater – Beige
:sey silver belt 1 (gift)
CHAI Polish – Red (gift)
/AXEL/ Overdyed Jeans – Green
.’.GC.’. ENGINEER BOOTS Suede (Created by Glide Clip)

Poses by Modd.G

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