My RL home has been plunged into another arctic snap and has me holing up under blankets with copious amounts of coco on hand. This gives me time to get out and about and frolic in the virtual snow. I hadn’t had much time to check out the winter sims that were part of the Winterfest but over the last few days I have sought them out and all I can say is AMAZING! If you haven’t had a chance to check them out you can find them under the Showcase tab in the Search window. I have a few favorites and it’s pulling teeth trying to get me to leave them. I was feeling very playful and my outfit today is really mirroring that sentiment.


I only wore this coat from Aoharu a few times, a shame cause it is cozy to my toes wonderful. Nice that it comes with a hat up or down option and is relatively easy to adjust and make fit shapes. I would love to get a look at machu’s shape cause I notice something very similar about the adjustments I have to make on all her jackets. I tried quite a few shirts on and finally landed on this cotton candy pink turtleneck sweater. Do love dearest Aranel. I slipped into a favorite pair of dark and holey capris and tube socks because as I said there was a serious playful vibe going. fabulous sneakers that were a Christmas gift and let me not forget my darling necklace/pocket from d-Lab with that cute little bunny peeking out. Have a great day and hope to see you around the Winterfest!



[OH]  :::(o_x) ::: oh my honey -B
artilleri Fluffy earmuffs (DTC Hunt)
Sanu Festive Noms Earrings – Rasberry (Advent gift)
*BOOM* Call Me Baby – Sugar
AOHARU BT Shiny Down JK – Pink
d-lab-Rabbit pod  necklac-ve
Reek I Heart Themes Belt (Heartbreaker)
EmJay Super Dark Capris
Sh!t Happens Pink tube socks
hoorenbeek  SL Balance – Black/White (gift)

Poses by KiiToS!! and blacklisted

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