It is I, Cerrie, bringing you bun lovin’ a plenty! Modd.G has released jeans and being I am the grids biggest fan of all things denim I thought I would share them with you.

Cameron comes in 5 colors; purple, brown, green, grey and blue. I was a little worried at first trying on colored jeans (/me has painful flashbacks to the 80’s) but the color is not overwhelming and because they have a dark wash it does mellow out the vivid color considerably. As per the crowd demands we have both pants and underwear layers and you get sculpted cuffs. My shape is pretty short so I had to resize the cuff to accomodate a shorter calf. I wish they were not so straight cut at the bottom and dropped down over the back of the shoe a little bit. That is just my own personal preference and these cuffs are just fine but I did find you had to move them up a bit to not cut into your foot because of the straightness (see picture above and the blue cuffs on far right side). I really like the worn scratched look on the thighs and bum, it’s not a texture you often see. The pockets are small and don’t hang too low which gives nice lift to the derrier. And I love how low they ride on the hips giving you nice peeks of skin if you chose to wear a crop top! All in all, I love ’em. Hop over to Modd.G and have a looksee. (* And blah blah, I know my picture is not great as you can see that lovely halo around my shape. Oh well, I tried!)


TRUTH Kylei Bow – Espresso
TRUTH Lydia – Espresso
skream! “Cliassi” Earrings
Kyoot – Tiny Collar Cropped Jacket Dark Brown
*BOOM* Essential T (Sheer) – Army
:FORM: Turntable Belt
ETD Buckle Ballet Flats – Brown

Poses by Esme for PDA

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