I don’t often just blog about hunts or freebies but tend to work them into an outfit, that said I just did the Great Nymphetamine Valentine’s Day Hunt. You find 50 snowglobes with a heart inside; they are spread out over 3 areas of 2 sims. They give you a nice list of hints and the ticket that collects the globes you find. What does that mean exactly? I means your inventory is not cluttered up with folders and landmarks that will open boxes that contain more folders and more landmarks. Please don’t get me wrong, I do love my traditional hunts but it was really nice for a change to not have to open 5 gazillion boxes. After you collect all 50 globes you head back to the main store and click the prize vendor. VIOLA! You get a nice folder with gifts from the hunt creators and here are a few of the things you get. V-Day is just around the corner. I really like chocolate and lingerie! Ha

First snap wearing the Valentine’s Red Rose Demi and Thong

Second snap is Brutalitees by Mac Heron’s Anti-Valentine tee

Last snap Oh Lala Leather & Lace’s Valentine Men’s Shirt

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