So big day for me. After talking to a good friend the other day I decided that I should really just blog for myself and wave goodbye to the feeds. I’m doing it for me and on my own terms. Happy rez day to me!  I look at the feeds and I am a little meh about them. I see the same looks over and over and things that really just don’t matter to me and I wonder “Why am I still doing this?” Speaking frankly, I get low to moderate hits on my blog. I rarely if ever get comments. I have come to realize I just like taking the pictures and buying the clothes and I don’t really care if my style or looks influence anyone.

That said, I have oodles of pictures from outfits I put together one week in January that I was just loving and somehow now I can’t work up the enthusiasm to post them so I am just gonna post the pictures from what I put together the other day.  Cerrie definitely has outside sources working on her brain and they make my looks just completely “In the mood” so to speak. What is it they say…dress to impress? Sure, why the hell not.


Let’s see I have on a jacket from COCO, shorts from Zaara, the gold top is from Cupcakes, tattoo from Moloko and the shoes are from LeLutka. No desire to be more specific.

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