I am a Fri.day girl! Big time love for the amazing items they turn out. I shamelessly throw myself on their goodies like a 2 cent hussy. What can I say, I’m fickle. Regardless of my mopey mood yesterday I had the idea for the snap you see and I remembered this lovely hair/scarf combo that had been begging me to buy it and well it really just fit with the whole look I was going for. Hands down best whispies on the grid!! Ok fangirling has run its course.

Wearing lovely flannel dress from Lark, if you haven’t been to this shop you really must. Floral thermal from Tres Blah, leggings from Pig and boots that you can’t see from Kookie. Bouquet from Paper Couture. I also have to give a mad amount of love to Mina Junk skins by mina Jun. This was a special crying set from the 2008 Creator Stamp Rally. It came complete with shape, brows, teary eyes and a little prim tear pool for your eye. The unfortunate thing is that it has been ages since mina has released anything but you can still purchase from her one store at Koreshan. (Another worthy sim of many shopping delights) You can get this skin and 2 others in a full package deal such as the CSR gift. Stop by and check her out. Oh, and this look would not have been what it was without the stunning pose from Flowey Poses and Stuffs. She’s amazing! <3

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