I have mentioned my fickle nature. I will get a skin and for a moment, just a moment, I will think “I can wear this for a really long time!” Then I get a notice of a brand new skinline from Cupcakes, I purposefully don’t read it. A day later I get another saying they released the remaining makeups, come look! And I did; I begrudgingly went. As I suspected they are all lovely and wonderful and I am having new love affair with them right there in the store! I bought all three fatpacks, I’m so weak. I bought them for good reason. They are, in my opinion, the best they have yet to create. The makeups are so sheer and light, the faces are much more soft and sweet looking, the lips are subtly shiny. I can only say I wish the glow on the body was a little more warm as I love bellies and this does appear a little flat to me. I am showing a few of my favorite makeups in the mosaic. Each skin is 800L, 3 fatpacks each 2500L. You get dark and light brows and freckle options and a staggering 17 different makeup options. You should stop in and try the demos.

Top left to right: Wild, Flush, Retro (freckles) Bottom left to right Tangerine (freckles), Nudie, Mauve. All shown with light brows

Let me talk also about the lovely accessories I am wearing. I think I watch too many movies or music videos because whenever I think about a scene shot in the bedroom I think of white lingerie and Lovelace has come out with a lovely new line for 2010 and this set fit the bill perfectly. It’s not sheer not trashy, it is the perfect amount of coverage without losing it’s sexiness. The earrings are part of a set from KessKreations called Karen. Kess made these for the fair and anything pearl is happy for me. Lastly, I bit the bullet and bought prim feet from SLink. You are in one of two camps here, yikes freaky prim feet or wow, I have lovely toes! I am in the latter as these are brilliantly made and the attention to detail like the veining on the ankle skin and the slightly crooked fourth toe is just, WOW. Worth the money, not so sure, but these feet are made for walking.

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