You know those freebies that come out, you get, put on and realize what a huge score it is? Mmhmm, let me introduce you to the amazing cowgirl boots that hoorenbeek graced us with over the weekend. They coincided new release of the men’s and women’s cowboy and cowgirl (respectively) boots and have just about all the bells and whistles the full priced boots have. The only thing I found I was unable to do was remove the scripts and change the individual piece sizes so that I could wear them under jeans, which I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed about that. But I will not look a gift horse in the mouth because they are still really fabulous and look great with skirts or mini dresses such as I’m wearing. So if for some reason you were not able to get over there this weekend to grab these, shame on you, seriously. Needless to say you could purchase a pair; if you rush over there right now you can still get them at the introductory price of 200L. You get two concho styles (something the freebies didn’t offer) and there are several colors and level of wear (as in wear and tear) to choose from. I’m hemming and hawing over buying a pair…snakeskin anyone?

Wearing new corset dress from Cupcakes, they have some great new releases! Wrong sized cardi from *BOOM*, hat and chewing wheat part of Skipping Stones hunt gift from Surf Co. and random but essential accessories from Cordouroy, ETD, {Junk} and KessKreations. Pictures taken at the Urbanity sim which is just so great. I love the barns and all the light and shadow and the stores are pretty great too!

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