Often I think we don’t show enough love to the pose makers out there that make us look so lovely in our outfits. I’m not saying they don’t get their fair share but I personally don’t see too many posts that focus solely on a poser, but more “I got these poses and don’t they make this incredible new jewelry I got look great?” And that is the extent of the love they get. Maybe I see the wrong blogs but anyway. Today I am showing some love to a dear friend and talented lady on many fronts, Ms. Elle Kirshner from Pulling Strings and Second Spaces. Elle was good enough to pass me a review set of her new Window To Your Soul pose set and I’m digging it.

The window seat comes with 5 poses, they are reclining and thoughtful and don’t twist me up oddly. You can adjust the poses pretty easily with a handy menu (do be aware of the /1a you need to say in order to get that menu) and this is really good as a few of the poses needed quite a bit of adjusting to accommodate my tiny frame. The window’s  mod so you can drop your own textures on it and adjust the size of the overall window, however, this is the smallest it will go without ripping the whole thing apart to make individual pieces smaller. As I mentioned above I have a smaller avie and unfortunately I had to come up with clever camera angles because I was much to small to fit in there for nice head on shots. Not all that bad, but I have quite a few friends who are also on the shorter side and it would be nice if this set accommodated us small fries. Still on a whole it is well done and the poses are adorable.

Elle’s notecards also let me know that there is a freebie in store with several yoga poses, ya know for your yoga-ing needs and a nice group gift in the subscribo that is a couple out enjoying the coming spring feel that has everyone heading outside! You should stop in her store check out the window and definitely pick up the gifts! My clothes, though great, aren’t the focus of this blog so I’m wearing, Tres Blah, Surf Co. and Mischief.

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