Sneakers. Oh they have come a long way. My first pairs was a sock layer and I wore them to death until I saw those fake Nike shoes, which I bought and never wore cause they were monstrously huge on me. This is when I discovered Japanese content creators and I found the most adorable pair that came with options and I was happy, for a while. Needless to say I have ever sought the next newest and greatest and I am wearing for sure the shoes that are on the leading edge of that horizon, Pure from 2REAL. I don’t even know where to start, the textures are of course phenomenal with perfect shading and light. There are also several textures that overlap the whole shoe which is something I haven’t seen before. They add a neat congruence and make for some overall originality. The laces are ever so realistic and there is worn areas like on the top where the foot will crease the shoe as you walk. The attention to those details alone is worth the purchase. The HUD is a whole nother story as there is nothing on the shoe you can’t customize; you have options for both shoes at the same time or individually. Sizing is taken care of by simply clicking them. Viola, magnifique. I sleep with them under my pillow now for safe keeping. Please head over to 2REAL, these are a huge steal at 600L so you should pick some up for yourself and a few friends, ya know to share the love!

This entry was posted by Cerrie Janus.

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