I like those shopping trips that start with being some place completely inconsequential and having nothing to do with clothing and ending up with something you can’t wait to wear. For instance, I went to Y’s House and picked up the amazing group gift skybox. It’s a trick to find it and I’m not gonna tell you where cause you have to look at the WHOLE store, not a hardship there. While there I saw something that is already in my house and I see a coat hanging near it (inspect is my friend). Mmhmm, wearing said coat now! This is the perfect coat for a spring morning or fall afternoon when you don’t want a huge coat or sweater but some in between frock that will look great with your jeans and tank top. The Linen Coat from Oyakin comes in three colors, you get short medium and long versions and small/large sizes to accommodate shapes and 2 attach points for the collar/coat piece. That is something you don’t often see as the collar and the flexi coat are one piece and required ZERO adjusting, really well done. 

Wearing: Hair: Tiny Bird & Reek (Autumn Hykova & Riq Graves), Skin: vive9 (BluAbyss Denimore), Lashes: Persé (Aphrodite Outlander), Scarf & Jeans: League (Nena Janus), Coat: Oyakin (kinbo Akina), Top: fri.day (Parvarti Monday), Belt: Malt (Khea Karas), Bracelet: sey (risey Arai), Boots: Miel (Miel Nirvana)

(Above…trying something new)

Oh…and my fabulous friend Blair’s rezz day was yesterday, Happy Rez Day dear heart! <3

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