I am a strong supporter of eyelashes. I have been wearing them for a long time now and I love getting a new pair and getting them adjusted just right, no matter how long it takes me; to me it is like “Eyelash Meditation”. For awhile I have been hemming and hawing on whether it would be wise for me to get a non-alpha set of lashes since on occasion I will don some hair that my precious lashes will interfere with and though in most cases the fix is easy, sometimes I don’t want to have to copy, paste, edit and sink the offending lashes into my head. Today out of sheer boredom I decided to just buy a pair of full prim lashes and see what they are about. I know of a few stores that have them and I decided on Kosh cause I liked how they looked in the ad. Home I go and up onto a pose stand (an absolute must if you are gonna do this) and I put them on. Here is the first thing that happens, you kind of freak out when you realize ALL of these little prims are gonna need to be moved independently in order to get them just as you like them, wow! First off I moved them to fit most closely to one of my eyes because if I didn’t have to move all of them that would be good. My other suggestion, I moved all of one “lash” together because they already have the general curve, so uber zoom is really your friend; learn it, love it. It took me in all about 30 minutes to get them just as I wanted them.  *Note the pictures are small due to my blog layout. See my Flickr page for larger pictures and better detail. Link at the bottom of the blog.

Showing lashes look in full body shot, inset is how lashes appear when picture is modified for close up.

Showing lashes look in mid body shot, inset is how lashes appear when picture is modified for close up.

I reset my camera and had a “Huh…” moment. These lashes are afterall tiny prims and well they don’t have that lovely smooth look an alpha set has. So I blow out my settings and decide I will take a snap to see how they look. Hmm, not bad but I can see they would have more of a use for up close shots, at least for me. My other thought is I never walk around the grid with maxed out graphic settings. Do others? Or are they gonna stand there and ponder my face as we chat wondering what the heck happened to my lashes, “Why does Cerrie look like Tammy Faye?” That said I’m glad I got them and took the time to get the set to my eyes so that if the need should arise I can slap them on and be ready for snapshots, but I am thinking I might just stick with my alphas, for now at least! I would also like to state for the record that I have nothing bad to say about Kosh’s lashes. They are infact nicely done and I loved all of the sets they have and very reasonable price. I think part of my trouble is my computer. So I would suggest checking out Kosh’s prim lashes, there are many other styles for all your lashing needs!

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