Bloomin’ Olives

There are a few names on my friends list that will on occasion bless me with some of their goodies. Unprovoked thoughtfulness like this always just sends me into a tissy of heartfulness for these people and I know I should ooh and ah over them more than when they pass me things. I do try my best but I fail I’m sure. One such lady is the lovely IsabellaGrace Baroque, whom I have long admired from Flickr, and she now has Olive Juice, her whimsical poses shop. Bella, along with others I know and admire will be part of Beautiful Bloom Designers Event running April 9th through the 23rd. It seems that people are feeling that Spring fever and we are the lucky beneficiaries! Bella has made two exclusive items for this event and because they are just adorable and I think everyone should have them, I’m going to share them with you today.

The first and second set of pictures are from the In Bloom pose set, a collection of 7 poses that come complete with tulip bouquets. Let me just tell you how brilliant I find this set. Every time I see a field of flowers I want to pose and take pictures in it with a bunch of flowers because I am a total girl. Mayhaps it is because cities in the desert don’t have rolling fields of flowers and I wish they did. In any case the poses are sweet and the tango pose with the flower in the mouth had me laughing. Adorable, Ms. Baroque! She has also created a little photo room called Paper Blossoms Pose Room with all manner of flower posey’s on the wall. I tinted mine but the full white version is wonderful as well. The included step ladder has some dangerous if not clever poses and adjusting them for your av is a snap.

I have more in this post to talk about, it’s been a busy week! Shiki has some new spring and summer items freshly released and I am over the moon about what I’m seeing. I am wearing the Sakura dress and shirt and wow on the pattern and the details. The dress is so dainty and the sculpted collar/bow, well it’s beautiful! The shirt is for men but I tried it on and loved the buttons and pockets so I decided to make it work for me. You must pick these up, picnic weather is just about upon us.

And lastly I am wearing a skin from Gatti by Gatta Magic. I will say honestly I was a little worried when I first stepped into her shop. The skins are all very tan and I am not a huge fan of pink lip colors but I tried on her latest release, Lara, and was pleasantly surprised by several of the makeups. Lara comes in a bronzed and lighter (I will call it sunkissed) tone and is for those that like a dark eye and high cheekbones. The body lacks a bit of crisp definition but is not totally missing the mark. The knees, cleavage and highlights are well done and the bits are consistent for the skin tones. I wish the cheekbones weren’t quite so pronounced but I worked that by adding a cheek prim that evened it a bit. Gatta let me know she is having a 50% off sale until the 11th so stop in and have a look around. I have talked my own ear off so I’m going to run off , thanks for reading!

Wearing: Skin: Gatti (Gatta Magic), Hair: SLink (Siddean Munro), Earrings & Necklace: skream (Jacqueline Cliassi), Tattoo: Piddiddle (Brutus Martinek), Dress: Shiki (Shinichi Mathy), Bracelet: Prinny’s Prims (Princessia Petunia), Shoes: Detour (Detour Sideways) Second look Shirt: Shiki (Shinichi Mathy), Shorts: Surf Couture (Emma Gilmour), Shoes: Shiny Things (Fallingwater Cellardoor)


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One thought on “Bloomin’ Olives

  1. You are completely adorable, you literally had me at a lost for words, this is just so sweet of you. I’m so glad you liked my presents and enough to blog them! I COULD KISS YOU! But I won’t… promise, haha <333

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