You know those days when everything makes you happy? Tis my day. Pig, huge sale, walrus nose pencils and cooter talk with my girl pals. That last bit was mostly just for the hysterics and the fact it took place. As it so happens, Pig is one of my favorite stores. I think it is because so many of the lovely handrawn shirts have a problem with getting the correct buttons in the corresponding hole and well, I relate to this. Lights were invented for good reason but I just really feel they should not be a big part of my before sunrise ritual. Anyway, after buying out the store I ran home, greedy with my new purchases, and this look sort of just started falling into place. I knew one day having a piece of toilet paper that attached to my foot would come in handy. Yes, my inner real life girl is shining through like a beacon for all to see. I gigglesnort! Have a great day.

Wearing: Skin: Vive9 (BluAbyss Denimore) Hair: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle), Glasses: artilleri (Antonia Marat), Nose pencils & bag: rbcg  (Krysten Jigsaw), Shirt vest combo: Pig (Apatia Hammerer), Hello name badge: Boing Fromage (elka Lehane), Shorts: Cupcakes (Mimi Coral & Rosemary Galbraith), Shoes: Maschienenwerk (Armin Rickena), Toilet paper: don’t believe there is a store related to this any longer (Infiniti Mirihi)

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