I love clowns! I have long been fascinated by them and their enigmatic ways. Never found them scary, maybe a little creepy at times, but I can be creepy at times, so can Aunt Midge when she does that weird trick with her dentures. I stalled long enough and finally stopped over to the Le Cirque De La Mode’s Fashion Circus for a look around. I frothed and foamed over a great many of the lovely items but the cake was taken when I stepped up to gander at AtomicBambi’s offerings; the Le Cirque Rose blouse made my knees weak. I have looked unsuccessfully for a collared top in just this style and it has an edge of naughtiness being it’s slightly sheer. How I wish some balloon pants would have come with it, but that is a hope for another day! Additionally since I am in deep love with pose sets of late, I am using the Make Him Over Hunt gift from Momomuller, one of my favorite shops for all manner of men’s poses. The chairs come with one static pose each and you get the set of three, plus the individual poses for use in other places. Gift is still in the store so stop in snag it and try out some of the poses.

Wearing: Skin & blouse: AtomicBambi (AtomicSparkle Skytower), Hair: Another Level (Izabell Babii), Bow: LeLutka gift (Marni Grut), Skirt: Thimbles (Apatia Hammerer),Leggings: Ghost (Triangle Cauldron), Shoes: Periquita (Erpla Prieto)

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