I’m going to take a moment and whine a bit about the woes of moving. I assure you, root canals would have been more fun than my real life move last week. It has come to my attention I have alot of junk and in the coming weeks I will be donating and trashing a large portion of my belongings. Yes, it is a shame I didn’t do all that before the move but hindsight is worth a nickle. Because of the madness that accompanied said above stated move I have been most neglectful of my blogger duties (to myself) and have not had a moment of clear thinking to put anything together. What better time than when standing in the middle of an art exhibit to decide I should put something together and take pictures. This is what I came up with, a somewhat dark look with these new pants from Hot Mood as the jumping off point. Sometimes things just make me feel like a badass.

Wearing: Skin: League (Nena Janus), Hair: ZeroStyle (Rei Gully), Shades: Emery (sunami Beck), Earrings & bracelet: GaNKeD (Misti Merryman), Piercing: Gauged (Llis Kirax), Tattoo: rojo (Varied Sorbet), Bikini top: Redgrave (Emilia Redgrave), Shirt: Niniko (Kae Sahara), Gloves: Calypso Giano (Danni Pfeffer), Pants: Hot Mood (David78 Messerchmitt), Boots: Shiny Things (Fallingwater Cellardoor)

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