I have this to say of the day…Skype is completely RAD! Who knew screen sharing could be uber fun. I did not, I will tell ya. Try it. Use it. Love it! This outfit and blog was done solely out of the need to just do something on my blog. We will not mention the dress my friend assured me made me look 9 months prego. In its stead this cute little outfit came to life and as luck would have it, the addition of the red sweater from Pig (I assure you I have one of everything from this store. It’s an illness, I know) added just the perfect finishing touch. Hmm, ya know it just occurred to me it has quite literally rained here all weekend and I did a shoot with rain and an umbrella. Nom did you realize that?  <– side note to my friend. I digress. Up, up and away peoples!

Wearing: Skin: League (Nena Janus), Hair: (Parvati Monday), Earrings: Celestial Studios (Starley Thereian), Bracelets: Sinistyle (krius Misfit), Ruffled top: Pink Outfitters (London Dailey), Tank: Happy Finds (AnnoyingJapaneseChild Dinosaur), Sweater: Pig (Apatia Hammerer), Pants: DF store closed (Darcy Foxtrot), Socks: *BOOM* (Aranel Ah), Shoes: Picnic (nyasyousa Oh), Umbrella: (AM Radio)

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