Simple things make me, to my depths, happy. Perfect peaches; crisp, cool pillows on hot summer nights; the way a sleeping cat looks; finding a flea market with tons of goodies. The last was a little more simple with the Pookie Flea Market in full swing. For me it was a reason to spend without abandon. Pookie just has some of the most adorable shops and the Market is ripe. The dress, hair scarf and the bag (There is a great pair of boyfriend jeans but it didn’t work with the layers given so I had to go with another similar pair) are just a taste of some of the things that can be had and most at ridiculously easy prices, which is how it is so easy to stock up and walk away with an empty pocketbook. Make sure to make your way over before this great events comes to an end.

And a huge thank you to my friend nomad Sharpshire for taking pictures for me! Do love shadows :)

Wearing: Skin: L.Fauna 50L Friday (Launa Fauna), Hair: Dernier Cri SOL (Asuka Martin), Head scarf & bag: Duboo @ Pookie Flea Market (Newreem Waffle), Shades: DECO 50L Friday (Orchid Zenovka), Earrings: Ripe (Hempy Weezles), Necklace & tattoo: Nestle My Bosom (Demi Ellisson), Bangle Left: YS & YS gift (Monyka Benelli), Bangle right: Atelier AM (aya Huldschinsk), Dress: u.f.o. @ Pookie Flea Market (Aisyla Aldrin), Jeans: Oyakin (kinbo Akina), Shoes: Nardcotix (Nardya Rousselot)

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