I am so late to this boat. It has set sail and is already on the return trip home but alas I will be at the dock when it gets back! rbcg has reopened after a little hiccup and I’m glad it’s back. Kyrsten Jigsaw has thought up some cute and funky items and they are very reasonably priced. I am sporting one of her new items if you’re a bird (at least I think it’s new…). I am fond of all things birds so when I saw this outfit it hit a chord with me. I took it to a slightly burlesque place; long gloves, garters and stockings along with this fabulous hair really bring out the bright white and deep brown colors of the dress. I also added birdies another of Kyrsten’s creations to the outfit, fittingly. You get 2 birds, one that flies rings round your head and the one that perches in your hands looking ready to take flight at any moment. Fly away birdie, fly away home.

Wearing: Hair: boon (boo Nakamura), Skin: Tuli @ Dressing Room (Tuli Asturias), Earrings & bangles: *BOOM* (Aranel Ah), Gloves: 5th & Oxford (Roslin Petion), Garters & stockings: Ooh La La (Nylon Pinkney)

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