Yet another neat event to greedily scoop up creations from some of our favorite designers. Potter’s Field, which I admit has been going on for well over a week and here I am late as usual to the party bus, is a collaborative event running through August 24th. It’s dark, eerie and a little creepy but frankly it’s lovely. It is just a small plot, pardon the pun, and those designers involved are part of the field of headstones. Very clever. There are also many little areas that are perfect for those who have been bitten by the photo bug, or like me who have drug their nearly willing photographer friend along to do the photoing for them.

Piddle, Lark, Pig, Djinn & Tonic, Glam Affair, Nomine and many more have joined forces to bring us exclusive items in this event. You can purchase items for a complete head to toe look and I spied poses as well. For me this Glam Affair dress was too good to pass up. It is like Victorian lady meets lollie. The huge bubble skirt has one feature that I think more should incorporate in dresses and that is the glitch pants actually have built-in shadows. This is a blessing for those of us who have systems that won’t run the fancy Windlight and shadows. In all, it is worth a visit if for no other reason that to check out the diner and skull tree but I suspect you will pick up a goodie or two while you’re there!

Wearing: Hair: Djinn & Tonic (Babyhoney Bailey), Skin: &Bean (Keiko Morigi), Blood tears: Duboo (Newreem Waffle), ( Earrings: Perturb/ation (Kikis Homewood), Dress: Glam Affair (aida Ewing), Fishnets: Canimal (Canimal Zephyr), Shoes: Bax Coen Designs (Bax Coen)

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