2REAL Okelli brings us another item chock  full of options. The Layercap lets you pick and choose from patterns, colors, drawings, logos, and fonts. I messed with a little bit of all of the functions and each item I worked with I found inventive and fun. The HUD is extensive. Reading the enclosed information card about the hat and HUD buttons is essential to not becoming overwhelmed and annoyed when you can’t get things to work. I tried to have a go at it with out the card and eventually took it off frustrated. Then I read the card. Mmhmm, much easier. The hat is sculpted unbelievably closes to Linden head sizes. it of course has a resizer in it so not to worry. I do wish however that it had been a little easier to add it to your hair. This is a pretty difficult thing for us wig wearers to don. You would almost certainly need to completely deconstruct a hair style to wear it with the hat so it might be suggested that this is an item for men but ladies with a crafty hand or massive amounts of patience should have a go!  In the mean time I am happy to wear it with a hair layer skin. Tis too genius not to want one of these in your inventory. Ya never know when your next bad hair day will strike!

Wearing: Skin: League (Nena Janus), Shades: HOC (Guu Nishi), Earrings: Diamonde no longer available (Valena Glushenko),  Tank: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle), Tattos: The Habitat (Till Hapmouche) & Aitui (Jesseaitui Petion), Belt: MM Graffiti (masomaso Quan), Pants: Amerie (Amerie Spitteler), Boots: Hoorenbeek (Limer Fredriksson), Hat: 2REAL (2REAL Okelli)

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