I made a trip over to Designers United 4 over the weekend. Some of my most favorite designers are part and I could not help but buy up tons of goodies. Weak I tell you, I have no will power. There is much, much wonderfulness to be had but these are a few of my most favorite items. The theme for this round is Narcissus. Designers used either the flower or the Greek myth. You can visit DU4 through the 15th of this month so head over soon as you don’t want to miss out because these items are exclusive to this event and will not be sold again.

1 Skin: Pink Fuel (Mochi Milena), Hair: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle), Cheeks: Fluffy (Portia Platthy), Dress: BOOM  (Aranel Ah), Leggings: Kyoot (Saeyna Nyanda), Boots: Glow Studio (Anemysk Karu)

Skin: Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg), Hair: Waffles (Lu Waffle), Outfit including mask and head piece: tram (moca Loup)

Skin: Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg), Hair: Lamb (Lamb Bellic), Head piece: !Ohmai (Anya Ohmai), Face tattoo: JM:Mai (JOMAN Mai), Earrings: Whippet & Buck (Dakota Buck), Necklace: IZUMIYA (Izumi Homewood), Outfit: RunoRuno (Jojorunoo Runo), Leg tattoo: LaGyo (Gyorgyna Larnia), Shoes: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle)

4Skin: Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg), Hair and hat & ring: Shag/Kyoot (Sadie Aries/Saeya Nyanda), Earrings: BOOM (Aranel Ah), Necklace: Glow Studio (Anemysk Karu), Outfit: LiNe (zippir Kayo), Stocking: Linc (CK Winx), Shoes: SLink (Siddean Munro)

5 Skin: &Bean (Keiko Morigi), Hair: Waffles (Lu Waffle), Headband: !Ohmai (Anya Ohmai), Necklace: epoque (Vintage McMillan), Dress: Milk Motion (Marie Lauridsen), Cardigan: Pig (Apatia Hammerer)

6 Skin: Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg), Hair: Lamb (Lamb Bellic), Outfit: Tee*fy (Azure Electricteeth), Shoes: La Petite Morte (Voshie Paine)

Skin: Tres Blah (Julliette Westerburg), Hair with nest: Clawtooth by Clawtooth (Bubbles Clawtooth), Gloves: 5th & Oxford (Roslin Petion), Outfit and head piece: Split Pea (Melatonin Hax), Tights: Viva free gift (Chloris Hathor), Boots: theosophy (Trace Osterham)

8 Skin: Tuli (Tuli Asturias), Hair: noju (noju Jupiter), Dress, shoes & socks: Fashionably Dead (Toast Bard), Cardigan with necklace & ring: Doppelganger (Syler Morgwain)

All poses from dfo (Willa Whybrow) Except outfit 4 pose bench, wall with lights: Y’s House (Yacchan Clip). All items in bold text from DU4.

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