Some time ago I put this look together and had my friend nomad take some pictures. I loved all the pieces that came together to make this outfit. it had such a bright happy feel; the giant flower in my hair, the crisp white shirt, the floral sundress. Every once in a while it’s nice to immerse yourself in a feeling of brightness and revisiting these pictures did that for me, so I thought I would share them. Have a bright day! :)

Wearing: Hair: 69 (Kumii Yoshikawa), Skin: Mynerva (Rhapzody Wilde),  Headband: RibboN (Mao Melody), Jewelry: Kess Kreations (Kesseret Steeplechase), Top: Aoharu (machang Pichot), Dress: 5th & Oxford (Roslin Petion), Jeans: Doppelganger (Syler Morgwain), Shoes: mijnt (Mijn Seoung), Bag: MayoNaise (Tomoyo Breitman)

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