The Dressing Room is one of those events that makes handy ways to rid me of my Lindens. What I love most, central location; there is no flitting around the grid. I’m not opposed to it but when I can go to one place, let it all rez in and buy well I don’t know a way to make it any easier on a pixel girl. TDR is not new but what I have seen is that it consistently has amazing shops participating. Tuli , Glow Studio, Glam Affair, Your Skin & Your Style, and many more. There is typically a guest who comes in and wows us and I have a few of those guest items showing up in this outfit. Most notably, the rabbit vest from Vive9 (not condoning rabbit fur but hey, it aint real). The Gonzo Jeans from Fishy Strawberry do the most amazing things for your hind parts and I sure hope you got them before they disappeared. And the lovely wind swept hair from Exile, always a treat when they are involved. The quality to cost ratio is so in your favor that it should be a must stop every time they refresh the items. Best head over now to make sure you don’t miss out!

Wearing: Skin: Pink Fuel (Moshie Milena), Hair: Exile (Kavar Cleanslate), Shirt: Fri.day (Viva Monday), Earrings: U&R Dogs (Ruriko Jewell), Scarf, belt and shoes: Maitreya (Onyx LeShelle), Vest: Vive9 (Sanya Bilavio)

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