I was laying in bed listen to the howling wind when I realized I forgot to hit the option on my alarm clock that turned my iPod off after so many minutes and into a sleep mode. As I lay there contemplating that and thinking I should check the time, since iPod is still playing means I can’t see the time properly, I hear something fall to the ground in a wholly unnatural, “That wasn’t the wind!”, sort of way. I live in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains you see and it is prime season for bears to be destroying property to get some food. After staring out my windows and braving a stand on the freezing cold porch I saw no movement. Alas, a stand on the 28F degree porch has really woken me up. Viola, type up a post!

nomad and I stopped over at Midian City for some trainspotting. One of my all time favorite SL videos was shot in a subway and I personally just love all things train, tube, subway or otherwise. Plus my outfit felt travel ready to me. I found Ronsem the other day, before I knew it was in the Hateween Hunt, and snapped up these great rolled jeans. They are the perfect amount of worn in and color, and they offset the long cardigan and mini shirt rather well.  There are so many great events rolling right now it’s hard to figure out what you should be doing but a trip to the Albero Gacha Festival finished this look off with a strategically placed Nelly stripe under my eye and a brilliant red suitcase. On that I think I still have a good 45 minutes of sleep before the bell tolls.

Wearing: Skin: YS & YS TDR(Monicuzza Babenco), Hair: Fashionably Dead (Toast Barb), Hat: AY.LinE (Anywa Nyoki), Glasses: DECO ( I can’t think of her name and EVERY piece I have from her has the name of the person who made the sculpt), Makeup layer under eye: Tiny Bird Albero Gacha Festival (Autumn Hykova), Necklace purse: graph (KENTAROU Carpaccio), Cardigan: Ducknipple (beanster Potato), shirt: Whippet & Buck Halloween Spooktacular (Twiggy Whippet), Jeans & socks: Ronsem (Eow Reverie), Shoes: Maschienenwerk (Armin Rickena), Suitcase: Tee*fy Albero Gacha Festival (Azure Electricteeth)

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