Blue was a bear for me! Who would have thought a color that is so prevalent would be so hard. I tweaked and changed this outfit so darn many times I just…well I’m excited to move on to goldenrod! This outfit is a labor of many trial and errors. I would put something together and not feel like it was me, tear it all down and build it back up. I had something all set when I received this skirt and swooned, literally! It’s sneak peek of a new item from *BOOM*. This amazing skirt features a color change sash and as always a ton of beautiful colors. Will be out soon so keep your eyes peeled! Other lovely items of note are the pants and the hair accessory; both procured at the Albero Gacha Festival round 2. So many great designers and I lucked out that my trip produced some great blue items! Oh and happy are the poses from Everglow. My first to this store the other day, WOW! Pose mecca, check them out tons of very cute, classy, sassy poses.

I also know that if there are bloggers out there intersted in getting some great items for free, Aranel Ah from *BOOM* has offered to supply you with some of her goods. She is a color maven so check out the poster below for details!

Wearing: Skin: Slutcookie (Ashley Seminario), Makeup layer: Cheap Makeup (Stella Semaphoe), Hair: Lamb (Lamb Bellic), Hair accessory: fore (ruca Moyet), Collar: Veschi (Alla Ruff), Necklace: Atelier AM (aya Huldschinsky), Undershirt: Pig (Apatia Hammerer), Tank: Oyakin (kinbo Akina), Pants: Kyoot Gacha Festival (Saeya Nyanda), Boots: Surf Couture (Emma Gilmour), Tote Bag: Milk Motion (Marie Lauridsen)

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