Some of you may know that I blog for *BOOM*, Aranel Ah’s store. It’s not a name drop or a aren’t I smart sort of thing. It’s a position born out of a long friendship and a true admiration for her work. That said her clothing and accessories are something I wear alot of because I just really like them not just because I work with her. It is also a rare day that I blog them in advance of the official release because I will be blogging them for her. Overkill, ya know. So when she passes me her up coming release this week I put it on anticipating a look for her blog; an adorable outfit begins to fall into place and I’ve decided to steal it for my own selfish blogging purposes because I just love how it all worked out. Her new release will be the warmth thermal that come in truck load of colors. I had the skin and hair on so I went with the thermal in sand. The texture is well done and I like the little button embellishment on the left shoulder. The light color really highlighted the fabric necklace from Paper Couture and the layer of colors from the jeans, socks and boots. It’s an utterly casual look and right up my alley as were are in the thick of the fall season.

Wearing: Skin: Atomic (Ivy Graves), Hair: Another Level (Izabell Babii), Hair accessory: Toki Doki (Maya Levane), Earrings: Shiny Things: (Fallingwater Cellardoor), Necklace: Paper Couture (Cora Lu), Shirt: *BOOM* (Aranel Ah), Jeans: Ronsem (Eow Reverie), Socks: en Svale (Zooey Yokosuka),  Boots: Kookie (Kookie Lemon)

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