I’m in the process of making a winter wonderland with my very special person. We have the snow down, a bunch of trees and a house. We spent a plethora of time the other day working on an ice rink because no winter scene is complete without one. Outside we stand; I’m waiting for him to craft something and I notice I am standing in what looks to be several feet of snow in a tank top, leggings and no shoes. This immediately called for winter wear! Ta-Da :) Clothing appropriate for the weather. He laughed at my hat (out of jealousy I’m sure) but my explanation was simple, that in winter it doesn’t matter what you wear, it’s always OK to look ridiculous. I however think it’s adorable and if it didn’t freak me out to have pelt on my head in real life I would pick me up one of these hats!

Wearing: Skin: &Bean (Keiko Morigi), Hat: COCO group gift (cocoro Lemon), Jacket & sweater: Jane (Janie Marlow), Gloves: League past FLF (Nena Janus), Pants: Milk Motion past FLF (Marie Lauridsen), Boots: Kookie (Kookie Lemon)

Poses: (pda) Esme pack no longer available, TorridWear

Photos taken at Couverture on SLOW sim

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