Sepia is just not an easy color, let me tell ya, whew! Finally I landed on something that I thought was fun but not a whole lot to it. You see I’m rather topless, as you can clearly see, uhuh. It did however allow me to use a skin I have never worn for a post and find so completely wonderful and that fact alone just tickled me. I’m talking about the Character skin from Rockberry. This one just happened to be a gift but there are others for sale in different faces but the same beautiful color and oh the freckles!! I have other skin from Rockberry and I am pretty convinced Heather Beebe is freckle queen. But anyway back to this look; the scarf is new lovely from *BOOM*, pants aren’t actually sepia but you could have fooled me! Lastly, I am only showing one picture here using the lovely poses from Glitterati (More on my Flickr site). She put out this set last year for a Breast Cancer Awareness event and they really are great. So if you have them lurking in your inventory maybe dust them off for a sexy photo or two. The other as you see is flagrantly lacking in the coverage the above snap is, but do love the White poses from DARE?

Wearing: Skin: Rockberry (Heather Beebe), Hair: Miel from Blur (Miel Nirvana), Eyelashes: MiaSnow (MiaSnow Myriam), Earrings: Creamshop (SAZAE Yoshikawa), Scarf: *BOOM* (Arahnel Ah), Belt: Vive9 part of group gift (Sanya Bilavio), Pants: Pink Outfitters (London Dailey), Shoes: (Parvarti Monday)

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