Well, I have no love for this color. Obviously, because in the depths of my inventory I had not a single item in cerise. It’s a pretty enough color but I guess it’s just not something I go for. In my internet search for it I came up with a slightly darker color or at least that is what it pointed to most often. This lead me to a store where I know there is alot of items and many colors. Pig is the place to be not only because of the above mentioned fact that Apatia Hammerer makes things in a slew of colors but that she unconventionally does not call them by name! Bingo and I said to myself, “That is totally cerise colored”. I paired this bra and cardigan up and since I was feeling a little worse for the wear after searching the grid high and low, sweatpants, and sat for a spell. On a funny note this cardigan cannot go without mention. There are several store on the grid that call their products something quite original be it by color or by name. The name of the cardigan tickled me so I just thought I would mention it: Walter? No no… It’s Nancy Now (and as far as I can tell color unknown). LOL Now, I am really looking forward to green as I’m sure I have 1.1 gazillion green items in my inventory; cheers!

Wearing: Skin: &bean (Keiko Morigi), Hair: Elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu), Ears: Aitui previous gift (Jesseaitui Petion),  Manicure: Reale free gift (Mallu Mayo), Ring: Redgrave tinted (Emilia Redgrave), Cardigan and bra: Pig (Apatia Hammerer), Sweatpants: Saikin (saikin Inaka), Feet: SLink (Siddean Munro)

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