As it turns out I have a ton of awesome greeness in my inventory but I decided to buy something anyway because one should never pass up the opportunity to be a cucumber beetle! I love this outfit, I mean <3 it BIG time. I can’t even really tell you why but the whole of it just makes me laugh and I think it has to do with a cartoon from my childhood that was on Nickelodeon. Anyway it’s from Intrigue and I’m very intrigued with this store mostly because everything is fun and colorful and you find yourself yelling “Oh I.LOVE.THAT!” I have also been looking for a reason to buy this hair from booN and for some reason it says bug to me. There ya have it, giant Cerrie Cucumber Beetle. If you see me flying around your garden, please, throw cupcakes!

Wearing: Skin: LAQ gift (Mallory Cowen), Hair: booN (boo Nakamura), Antennae: Scribble (Radio Signals), Makeup layer: Tik Tok SLB (MiahMcAuley), Tank: (Parvarti Monday), Cardigan: *BOOM* (Aranel Ah), Cucumber Beetle outfit: Intrigue (Katharine McGinnis), Shoes: LeLutka gift (Minnu Palen)

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7 thoughts on “Fifty-two

  1. This is the most cute thing ever!! :D
    Thank you so much for the kind comment on my blog it made me find out about yours. (I was missing a lot I may say)
    Is now bookmarked to come and peek in the future.

    Wishings of a happy 2011

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