I suspected I’d have a difficult time with this color. It appears I like darker shades, things I can get that are sort of staple pieces that will work with alot of things for a long time to come. Taupe is not one of those colors on my radar I guess.  And in the truest sense this is not really taupe, it’s kinari. And as close as I can tell it’s taupe-y colored. Right? Anyway, I love any chance I can get to cover myself in oyakin’s clothes. I simple love the textures and the soft colors. This dress also comes with a few options where the lace is concerned and it made me feel very…Sense and Sensibility maybe a little Pride and Prejudice. Cerrie does perfume commercial ad! LOL Next week is emerald and my wish for more green has been answered!!

Wearing: Skin: Dutch Touch (Iki Ikarus), Hair: Truth (Truth Hawks), Jewelry: Gisele (Pecorine Vita), Dress: oyakin (kinbo Akina), Flowers: Paper Couture (Cora Lu), Feet: SLink (Siddean Munro)

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