When I first started blogging I would take a million pictures and put them ALL in a post. It wasn’t really vanity, I was just so happy with all the pictures and all the poses and all the all.  Today’s word is all. I digress, so I had a plethora of snapshots and I finally realized it was excessive and I really doubted that anyone cared that much with my over use of images. I scaled it way back. Most of the time now I post two nice shots here and a leave the last to happily reside on my Flickr page.

Well today’s post I am going a little excessive, a little vanity. Mostly I couldn’t pick just one or two favorites and it is my blog. This look sort of morphed out of one I had been wearing around for a few days. These pants, now at TDR (if you haven’t missed it) are poofy wonderfulness and I think I am going to have to see if there are more colors at the mainstore because they are tickling my happy place. It was when I put on this beautiful skin from Glam Affair that the idea for this look really started to take shape. Then yesterday I paid a visit to Zaara and the final pieces slid in.

Everyone knows Zaara makes incredible clothing and accessories, but I am gonna slather a bit more love on. I cannot get over the texture clarity. I feel like I will be able to reach out and touch them and feel silk, gauzy lace and leather. I am in love with these Ilaida Mojri shoes. They are customizable on touch. The leather and metal textures are of course perfection. Now, I think I will head back to Zaara’s and get my belly dance on.

Wearing: Skin: Glam Affair former TDR (aida Ewing), Hair: Elikatira (Elikapeka Tiramisu), Makeup layer: Kyoot Season’s Hunt (Saeya Nyanda), Earrings: Paper Couture (Cora Lu), Jacket: The Secret Store Euphoria hunt (Maylee Oh), Top, bindi, bangles and shoes: Zaara (Zaara Kohime), Sash belt: Veschi former TDR (Alla Ruff), Pants: Fishy Strawberry TDR (Fae Eriksen), Tattoos: Tuli may no longer be available (Tuli Asturias)

Poses from TorridWear except last static basket hold from Marketplace.

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