I saw Makenzie Irling’s call for a Blogger’s Love Week last night and thought I would start mine a bit early. This is my dear friend Hobo Llewellyn with me. She is such a lovely thing and I love her to pieces. Clearly she is the Ginger to my Fred. In this case I am Marlene Dietrich from the movie Morocco and Hobo is just arm candy! I liked the idea of a tuxedo for black this week. There is something so debonair about a man in a tuxedo and I have at different times picked them up (not the men, but a tuxedo!).  This is the first time I ever actively went looking for one to purchase. There are some amazing(!) ones out there, like whoa amazing. However with a price tag of 1000 to 2400L for something made for a man and only for one picture I was gonna have to move on, regrettably. I finally found this tailcoat tux that was actually made for a woman’s avatar! I love the look of it. I bought pieces to round out the look including the perfect shiny top hat and got myself a dance partner. Too much fun this week!

Wearing: Skin: Illusory (Crushed Clarity), Hair: booN (boo Nakamura), Hat & tailcoat tuxedo: sf design (swaffette Firefly), Flower: Ribbon gacha no longer available (Mao Melody), Cufflinks: KessKreations now Miao (Kesseret Steeplechase), Gloves: 5th & Oxford no longer available (Roslin Petion), Socks: [m] (Joy Laperriere), Shoes: COCO (cocoro Lemon)

Poses from Glitterati (for Hobo) & Croire (for me)

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