I have been working on another blog, a bit of work that keeps me busy. I take really specific shots that focus on the face and what nomad and I have been noticing is we can’t seem to get the lighting right to accentuate the skin and makeup and we are having a horrible with trying to find hair that doesn’t lose it’s alphas when we turn on shadows. I have been trying for 2 two days to get shots good enough that I am not spending forever in post buffing out gradients. So last night again after taking really unflattering snaps I had had enough. We downloaded Kirsten’s new S21 viewer. I was scared and nervous cause we had done alot of research to get the last viewer as we liked it. What ended up happening was beautiful pictures that I barely needed to touch! And because I could not resist we went in search of a sim to try out the depth of field and it’s really cool looking…in world. Once we take the snaps the fuzzy of the depth is not nearly as pronounced and you loose alot of the pop on the foreground. Looks like I need to do a some playing. Regardless I thought I would post the pictures cause it’s a nice starting point for the new viewer. Wish us luck!

(I’m lazy today and I don’t have all the information on the outfit but will update later)

Wearing: Skin: YS&YS, Hair & pants: Vive 9, Glasses: Miel (Miel Nirvana), Jewelry: League (Nena Janus), Coat: FIR&MNA (Rob Moonites), Shirt: Fishy Strawberry TDR (Fae Eriksen), Shoes: Picnic Stamp Rally, Bag: Vooner

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