I had a huge meltdown this week. As I was desperately trying to get everything I needed to do done and sleep and spend time for me, my computer decided to throw a massive tantrum. The viewer I normally run was crashing constantly, the whole laptop was like on fire hot, I was thinking, “This is it, it’s dying!” I was finally able to things done and I log in the next day, hoping it will all be better and it’s still happening. Load crash, load crash. And then it hit me…as much as I love the shoes I have on, they absolutely bottom me out and crash me. Right click, detach, rinse and repeat. Crashing stops; I cried out of sheer relief. Sometimes you just don’t have the spare money laying around to go out and buy a whole new system. OK…teal! I had a really horrible hard time trying to come up with something. when I did come up with an outfit I found out Pookie Promenade is closed, back to the drawing board, :( I finally worked something out and it’s funky. Tough color next week…80’s somethin’ here I come.

Wearing: Skin: KA no longer available (Kira Ahn), Hair: LeLutka (Thora Charron), Shades: Glow Studio TDR (Jocelyn Anatine), Earrings & bangles: *BOOM* (Aranel Ah), Sweatshirt: REEK (Riq Graves), Tank: (CK Winx), Pants: [JP]:dsg (Jasper Potez), Shoes: 2REAL (2REAL Okelli), Gum (Rich Mackenzie)

Poses from LAP

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