I changed my mind something like 3 times while trying to come up with an outfit for white this week. Each time I had been inspired by something or someone. I was in a lock as to what I was gonna do and was looking forward to taking the pictures when I found myself looking at Flickr. I see one of my contacts has this great picture and I immediately fall in love. Inspired; here I am changing my mind, again. This coat cannot go unworn! You would not catch me within a thousand miles of anything covered in rats in real life but this was too cool to pass up and it was an item that was purchased to support the relief efforts in Japan and well that sealed the deal for me. There is not much else to say here other than it’s a little piece of brilliance!

Wearing: Skin: Apple May Designs  (Apple May), Eyeshadow: KOSH (Lynaja Bade), Hair: Elikatira (Elikpeka Tiramisu), Coat:*deviant girls* @ Help Japan event (ruby69kill Moonites), Shoes: DECO (GutterBlood Spoonhammer)

Poses from with love & squalor and Olive Juice

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