Recently I have been participating in a number of Happy Hours in my real life. my work friends are a tight knit group and these hours of happy are nothing short of, well, happy! So when olive rolled around as the color I couldn’t help but think of a martini! Two olives please, shaken, not stirred. The hair style I’m sporting is even called Shaken not stirred, this look was simply meant to be. I will mention the great pose prop from *Everglow* was 50% off on Marketplace. Check it out if you are in need of a giant martini.


Skin: League(Nena Janus), Hair: Clawtooth (Bubbles Clawtooth), Eyelashes & earrings: [ Glow ] Studio (Jocelyn Anatine), Ring: Donna Flora (Squinternet Larnia), Bracelet: Muse (Caliah Lyon), Swimsuit: GizzA (Giz Seorn), Shoes: R2 (rei2 Aya)

Pose prop from Everglow (the hat was removed from the prop and resized)

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