Neon Carrot…let me start by saying that is pretty amazing I found anything even called carrot without searching the internet for SL related items for days. I happened upon this top rather by accident. Happy accidents do tend to be great, hmm? That is pretty much all I’m going to say about the look. What I am instead going to say is, well I’m going to ask…what is up with system skirts and shadows?!? Holy love of Uncle Chuck!! What a huge pain. I am gathering there is no easy way around them. I didn’t try a bunch on so perhaps it was just this skirt but no light was going to pass through no matter that the thing was short (so my poses had to get creative). It caused much anger because I really liked the look as it was and trying to come up with a pencil skirt that was not a system skirt or find another skirt that was going to achieve the look seemed a task that would take far more time than I was willing to put in! Grrr… I will think twice next time or at least test out a few more system skirts to see if it’s it may have just been this one. Sorry for the rant, ruby next week.

Wearing: Skin: Apple May Designs (Apple May), Hair, glasses, tattoo & skirt: Artilleri (Antonia Marat), Necklace: HoD (Aydan Darcy), Shirt: Emery (Sunami Beck), Piano Cuff: Cobrahive (Chikane Kaligawa), Pyramid Cuff: Heavyz Factory (Uhrei Beck), Socks: BOOM (Aranel Ah), Shoes: Maschienenwerk (Armin Rickena), Cig & lighter: FNKY! (Funk Schnook)

Poses from PDA (No longer available)

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2 thoughts on “Fifty-two

  1. I like the look, too! It’s a very classy take on a retro-rocker. …now I’m afraid of ever trying system skirts with shadows.

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