I know, I know…this week is not sky, light, baby or any other sort of blue but you see…RUBY SLIPPERS. I am channeling  Dorothy here. I had wanted to go with one of those giant meringue style dresses as they can be so beautiful in jewel tones. Something about that was just not grabbing me though. I was literally sitting here saying ruby over and over in my head when ‘slippers’ came out of nowhere. Not your typical Dorothy but interpretation is half the fun and it allowed me to get some new items out there I have been coveting namely hair and skirt. Oh, look, and Toto, too! Hahaha Denim will be a fun challenge for next week.

Wearing: Skin: Pink Fuel (Mochi Milena), Hair: Sixty Nine (Kumii Yoshikawa); Earrings & shirt: Artilleri (Antonia Marat), Sleeves, part of top: G*Field (Cerberus Noel); Skirt: Zaara (Zaara Kohime), Socks: BOOM (Aranel Ah), Shoes: Nardcotix (Nardya Rousselot). Basket (modified, I made Toto myself) Overt (Cynara Wycliffe)

Poses from Olive Juice & Tea

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4 thoughts on “Fifty-two

  1. I love both the idea and the result, complete with Toto! And that’s some seriously cute Dorothy-outfit. ^_^

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