Grease monkey! I thought there would be alot of jeans and jean jackets so I tried to come up with something that everyone may not have thought of. This was literally inspired by Grease Two, ya know Stephanie Zinone played by Michelle Pfeiffer. She worked at a garage and I thought she was so tough pumping gas and cleaning windshields. I was young…I think I would not find her quite to tough if I saw it now for the first time. The coveralls at 19 Motorcycle are hands down thee best out there. I love that they give you a tied around the waist option as well as the typical full suit. It is also customizeable, they have a template that will let you put a logo or picture on the back outfit, should you chose. Nice to see that kind of offering! Jade is just a few days away…I’m so not ready for that one :/

Wearing: Skin: Grixdale (Tyr Rozenblum), Hair: Vive 9 (Sanya Bilavio), Necklace & coveralls: 19 Motocycle (PaintO Jie), Top: BOOM (Aranel Ah), Boots: COCO (cocro Lemon), Oil tattoos: Transmorgify (Esperanza Hernandoz), Wrench: Marketplace for Overbrain Unplugged

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