Once upon a time when real me was very young, I sang a solo in choir. It was the big end of term concert and it was only a single line… it’ was that first line in the song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight”. I am excellent at making EeEeeeeeEeeeee sounds I guess. Anyway, this is not a post about my singing prowess, this is about mahogany. No mahogany was machet-teed in the making of this post. Seems safari wear is the new trend to hit the grid like a Mack truck. LeLutka has of course lead the charge and though I love the 2 items I bought I’m gonna have to complain for a moment. Holy heck prim fitting nightmare! Lets start with the hat: texture perfection, I kid you not it’s is fantastically done but they make hair, some of the best and most creative styles on the grid. When one makes a hat that is a royal pain to fit with just about any  hair (including ones own) would it not make some sort of sense to throw a hair in there already fit to the hat? Maybe?

The shorts are a sexy gift from above; again the texturing and detail work is unsurpassed. And let me thank them heartily for the alpha layers because my hiney was eating everything. Even still I had to pare down my hippy frame to  accommodate these shorts. If you love a bit of a thick body shape and junk in yo trunk, buyer beware, you will have major modifications to make, either to yourself or the shorts. I found that the larger the shorts the more unattractive your backside becomes. I believe my boyfriend called me “Granny Panty” at some point during my fitting. Needless to say when all was fitted and put in with a look, I was ecstatic. It really is wonderful work and I am still very happy with my purchase! Let me not forget mention of the actual mahogany item in my post, an adorable and sexy tank from Hucci in giraff print. Is it acceptable to wear animal print on a safari? Oy, I have written a book this week and I have that “Lion” song stuck in my head now -_- Mauve next up…is that maw-ve or mo-vah?

Wearing: Skin: al vulo! current TFG (Hlin Bluebird), Hair: Elikatira past FLF (Elikapeka Tiramisu), Hat & shorts: LeLutka (Minnu Palen), Shirt: House of Hucci (Eboni Khan), Jewelry: League past FLF (Nena Janus), Boots: Kookie (Kookie Lemon), Binoculars (seen in other pictures on Flickr): Catboy (Catboy Qunhua), Machete: JadeDragon Designs (JadeDragon Destiny

Pose from love & squalor and PDA. The magnificent snake is from Tea, sadly Tea is now closed but the last notice said there was a box left at her now closed store that will be there for a short time. Perhaps the snake is in the box? It has a lovely hold animation built into it.

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