When I saw the choice for this weeks color I actually said “Sh*t.” out-loud. This is a color that never in my life would I consider wearing. Imma venture to say I never will either. Mauve makes me think of my Granny. She has a room that is ceiling to floor mauve…her privy. Needless to say this solidifies my lack of desire to adorn myself in this particular color. As homage to my Gran I went full on Granny with what surely is the most brilliant av this side of Orientation Island. Wrigglesworth’s Olden Girls line of avs was my ticket to grannyhood. And no sassy Granny is complete without a mauve, velour tracksuit. Thank you Yuli Orman for being brilliant. This is a great outfit no matter who is wearing it but to actually come upon mauve and velour?! Sexy to her core indeed. <3 to my Gran, you sure did inspire me!

Wearing: Full av (including shape (modified by me), prim hair and skin)and glasses & jewelry: Wrigglesworths (Rosalind Wrigglesworth), Turtleneck (part of dress): BOOM (Aranel Ah), Track Suit: Yuli (Yuli Orman), Ring: KOSH (Lynaja Bade), Shoes: Hoorenbeek (Limer Fredriksson)

Pose from love & squalor

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3 thoughts on “Fifty-two

  1. I’m laughing SO hard! I had the exact same feeling about mauve; well, I think it’s a pretty color, but to me it’s OLD! Great post and pic!

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