I had a really hard time with this week. I moved around alot of ideas and somehow the inspiration I normally feel was just absent. I think part of it was I was a little back and forth on the color. Luna had a shade of electric blue on her blog that wasn’t really saying electric blue to me so I ended up going with a little of my bold color and her more icy shade and not very much of either in all actuality. I found the top early on and I was really stuck on it, trying to incorporate it into every look I could think of. The skirt came late in the game and the dipped fingers literally was moments before pictures started being snapped. The really lovely addition to the outfit is one of the new hairstyles just out at the Hair Fair from Vive9. Lindsey is loose and fresh and like many on the grid I am in love with the addition of natural looking roots; it’s a trend I hope continues! Celadon is next week and I’m going to say I am a little concerned, one of those difficult to find colors, wish me luck.

Wearing: Skin: Unique Megastore (Nany Merlin), Hair: Vive9 (Sanya Bilavio), Top: Grixdale (Tyr Rozenblum), Skirt: LeeZu (LeeZu Baxter), painted nails: How Vexing (Sei Minuet)

Poses from Slash Me Poses

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