Patriarch, makes me think of elephants or old elder family members. A shade of purple, yeah not so much. I still was able to find a little punk rock looking outfit that worked out just fine for me! The look also allowed me to pick up a hairstyle, very unlike my norm looks and well I do like to hoard hair, so in the end I’m smiling. Some of my all time fave and OLD pieces are present, the belt from Artilleri I got so long ago it shocks me but even with its prim goodness it still is so well done that there was not a need for me to hunt up something else. Do so love me some Artilleri! Looking very forward to next weeks color!

Wearing: Skin: Glam Affair (aida Ewing), Hair: 99 elephants (Emelie Carter), Ears: Aitui (Jeeseaitui Petion), Shirt & pants: CheerNo (CheerNo Destiny), Vest: BOOM (Aranel Ah), Belt: Artilleri (Anotnia Marat), Shoes: UBU (Coke Deadlow)
Poses from Zombie Fetus

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