I know that my version of melon is far more cantaloupe-y melon than the color swatch but it wasn’t an easy color to find and the dress color is called melon, we just go with it. Jane is a great little shop. It has great base pieces: tops, dresses, skirts. And oh so wearable. This little dress is just a flirty little thing and when I put it on I immediately had this hippy vibe going. A shout-out of love to Anaphora hair. It’s amazing to me how many different hair shops their are and how they all just have such distinct looks. Anaphora has a youthfulness about the styles that just get me. Wonderful textures and well made, you should have a few in your inventory if you don’t already. A little peace, love and happiness coming your way! Till next week :)

Wearing: Skin: al vulo (Hlin bluebird), Hair: Anaphora (Vidal Giordano), Jewelry: Atelier AM (aya Huldschinsky), Dress: Jane (Janie Marlowe), Shoes: Addictia (Oct Oakleaf)

Poses from a mix bag of ones I have and I have no idea where from, whoops!

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