Having a bit of trouble getting into the swing here. Apricot is something I like to eat in jam form. As lovely as this top is, I’ll stick with the jam! I found the top quick enough and really liked that it comes with a few wear options. Things that are bloused and tucked are making their rounds and this particular top does it really nicely. The skirt is from a new to me store that I have seen on quite a few blogs. It’s a beautiful skirt…if you stand and do not move or walk. Your entire lower half is invisible and your legs tend to come out in odd ways. My AO made it impossible to wear. I was pretty bummed about this. You can’t even just go without wearing the alpha as the skirt does not include a glitch layer. Muy sad face here. This post is also a bit of a review even though I don’t typically do reviews, so let’s call it a showing. New skin from HUIT. It’s really quite pretty. The lips are on the larger side so I played with them quite a bit to get them to what you see. It’s a lovely skin for tattoo makeups as I am wearing here to flash up the eyes some. I think worth a look for sure. You get also in each pack options: light and dark browns, cleavage enhanced and hairbases and only 800 per skin tone! I have jazzberry just about ready to go…stay tuned.

Wearing: Skin: HUIT (Mikoto Lisa), Hair: Clawtooth (Bubbles Clawtooth), Hair tie: TokiDoki (Maya Levane), Necklace & bangels: So Many Styles (Irie Campese), Tank: INDI Design (Jamie Holmer), Skirt: E&E (Eels Resident), Satchel: Vive9 (Polina Kaestner), Shoes: Surf Co. (Emma Gilmour)

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