I was delighted the other day to have a look at the new Kalista skins from Rockberry. I have quite a few Rockberry skins and it is so nice to see the progression of Heather Beebe’s work. Kalista is definitely worth a look if you are a skin junky like myself. As with any skin I looked at the makeups first and there is a great mix of natural and dramatic looks. The skin itself has nice glow and you get eyebrows in black, brown and blond (much to the dissatisfaction of my red-head friend) but the blond brows will pass as a strawberry blond thus working for red heads. You also have with and without cleavage enhancements.

The skin itself is very subtle and the elements are well blended. The tummy and belly button seamless and I love that there are dimples on the back above the derriere. The cleavage and shadowing on the underside of the breasts seems a little heavy to me but what I am noticing on the cleavage is that it is a more natural looking line for larger breasts, a detail that you don’t see so often here. No seams that I can see and overall really a lovely skin. I went a little arty farty with my pictures which doesn’t do wonders for the skins so I made my first EVER animated image that will show you all of the makeups cause at the crux of it that is what we are most interested in. I leave my one gripe for the end and it has nothing to do with the look of the skins but in fact the naming in which case there is none. You get letters A, B, C, and so on and there is not a picture of the skins in the folder (at least there was not in mine) and this makes chosing a skin a bit of a crap shoot unless you want to eternally hang on to the box so you can see which skin you want then sing out the alphabet song to figure out which skin you wanted. I know it’s a silly complaint but when I hit SL my lazy button gets really sticky. Rant off. Now, shoot over to Rockberry and grab the demos for a look at the skins for yourself.

Wearing: Hair: Fri.day (Parvarti monday), Earrings: Junk (Koge Cleaver), Lingerie: eVe (Eden Zuta), Feet: SLink (Siddean Munro)

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